Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The voter ID bill could actually hurt--we have a history

Senate Republicans blocked an election overhaul bill favored by Democrats. The party-line vote was 50-50, ten votes shy of the 60 votes needed to break the filibuster and advance the legislation, which would ban voter ID requirements and enable ballot harvesting. (The Loop)
All voters, but particularly blacks, should be very cautious about any government program intended to protect their vote or push ahead their community.
How did those free-ways through your neighborhoods in the 1950s work out for you and your businesses?
Did knocking down old buildings in your neighborhoods and building high rise slums really benefit your communities' safety, spirit, and health?
What did school integration do for your students when black teachers were moved to white districts so white kids could be exposed to successful adult blacks?
And how about all the wealth transfer programs that keep you on Medicaid and in Section 8 housing because you would lose benefits if you tried to advance?
What about all the federal and state aid that have pushed dads out of the home--are your young men stronger or have they just joined gangs?
And have you really benefitted from all these full of fluff and fat administrative departments for D.I.E. (diversity, inclusion, equity) so universities and companies can brag about their POC percentages (all clustered in HR).
Do programs, policies and award shows for millionaire blacks that focus on race really help you reach your goals in the middle quintile?
Racism hurt us all in the past, and the neo-racism that focuses on color rather than character and skill (white fragility books, reeducation camps, CRT, BLM, the squad, etc. all funded by whites) won't be any better. By weakening the country through more socialism, it could be worse.

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