Friday, October 20, 2023

A letter from City Journal about the Middle East situation (via e-mail)

 Dear Friends and Supporters [of City Journal],

As horrific events continue to unfold in the Middle East, the initial shock of the terrorist attacks has given way to a series of troubling questions. Why have Western institutions responded to the assault by blaming the victims? Could similar dangers emerge in the United States and, if so, what measures should we take to prevent them? How will Israel wage the war for its own survival?

City Journal has been busy seeking answers, providing reporting, analysis, and commentary on the crisis. Be sure not to miss our coverage of:

Universities and woke institutions sympathizing with Hamas

Western moral confusion and a civilizational crisis of confidence

How to think about the security of Israel, America, and Jews around the world after the attacks

City Journal will continue to investigate what the conflict means for our culture and institutions, our cities and security, and our democracy and civilization.

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