Monday, December 18, 2023

Christmas cards on a snowy day

What could be better? I opened 11 Christmas cards and it's snowing outside! I love them all, but really enjoy the notes and letters. It's a big project--opening, cutting off labels, taping them inside the card, and cutting off the cancelled stamps hoping I'll find someone who wants them.

The stamp bonanza was on an envelope from a non-profit. Someone must have sent their donation in stamps. 
1993 .29 Hank Williams; 
2016 .05 grapes, 
2022 .04 blueberries; 
2 1987 .10 Red Cloud ; 
2 1957 .03 stamps of NEA honoring teachers  
2 1957 .03 stamps of 200th anniversary of LaFayette; 
1985 .22 Special Olympics; 
1988 .25 Carousel horse (Cedar Point, OH). 

I remember when 3 cents was the first class postage rate.
Rather than wait in a line that went to the door at the only USPS branch around here, today I purchased my stamps at the machine. First time.

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