Friday, December 01, 2023

I get offers in my e-mail

I get offers. 

1. Asking for money. 
2. Asking me to write a book review.
3. Asking me to promote a story on my blog. 
4. Asking me to interview someone and promote their ideas, candidacy or book.

Then there's the "loaded potato" tease.
"The first and only reproductive justice organization in Nebraska—a state ranked among the highest for its maternity care deserts—seeks to provide a long-term solution to this health crisis by creating a community of doulas and increasing access to doula care."
I say loaded because of the politically, economically or racially charged phrases: let me translate leftist gibberish.
1. "reproductive justice (aka abortion),
2. "maternity care desert" (aka rural, but could mean pockets of poverty)
3. "long-term solution" (aka government)
4. "health crisis" (obligatory political term used by all parties)
5. "create a community" (this is usually a progressive/socialist term, but increasingly used by conservatives just to keep up--may mean no spouse or children, so create a family/community)
6. doulas (feminist term to push men out of labor and delivery, and encourage home birth ala 19th century or birthing huts.

95% of doulas are female, but no one seems to be demanding equity for men in that field.

Anyway, by this point in the e-mail I've hit delete just based on the language, not the meaning.

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