Thursday, April 11, 2024

Planned Parenthood solicitation and expansion to new programs

I get mail frequently from Planned Parenthood. Appeals for money, laced with lies. The graphics are right out of the DEI playbook. The unborn are the most righteous, the poorest. and the weakest in our society. We are commanded by God to care for them.

Ps 37:12 "The wicked plot against the righteous, and gnash their teeth at them; but the LORD laughs at the wicked, for he sees that their day is coming."

Planned Parenthood is a shill and fund raiser for the Democrat Party. A high rate of its victims is minorities, the poor and the young. Black women are 4x more likely to have an abortion white women--23.8 per 1,000 compared to 6.6 per 1,000. Now it is also in the sex manipulation business for teen--hormones, counseling, etc. That's where the real money is.

After a Knoxville PP clinic closed due to an arsonist in 2022, NPR did a big sympathy piece on how far children confused about their sexuality had to travel for "gender affirming care." Out of 629,898 abortions reported to the CDC for 2019, Black women accounted for 38.4 percent of them. By comparison, white women made up 33.4 percent of those abortions.

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