Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Ten exercises to improve balance for Seniors

 Putting this here so I can find it. There are not a lot of good spaces in our home to do these, however, some don't take a lot of room. https://youtu.be/cAOK3apyCOc?si=9L4TLOSMLFj8qluA  I often read the comments: 

"Thank you so much i am 84 yrs old .at last exercises i can actually do." 

Sounds like me!

"I am in PT right now to work on my walking. Most of these exercises have been given to me to do. My balance was terrible when I started. Now it's much better. The exercises help if you put in the effort. Keep trying if you start, you will improve."

Doug Weiss, this instructor, has a webpage with a good overview lecture, and highlights of many videos. How to WALK to prevent Falls (youtube.com)  He has some good advice on using a walker in order to increase your miles and balance--uses the example of using a shopping cart at the store. Home | Proprioceptive Rehab

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