Tuesday, February 01, 2005

784 Loose ends

Speaking of the hair cut I'm getting today, there are a few loose ends I need to clip and save here. 1) a discussion about libraries of the future, 2) is there free speech on the campus, and 3) Comma-istas among the Democrats.

Libraries of the Future. Meredith at the blog Information wants to be free recommends this panel discussion at Chicago Public Radio. Nathan Bierma (see my links) is on the panel. According to the current e-newsletter issue of Books and Culture, “starting in February, Nathan will be joining John Witvliet and his team at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship; he'll also be teaching a writing class at Calvin. Nathan has been superb—and he will continue to contribute to B & C. Keep an eye out for his byline both in the print magazine and on the website.”

How free is speech on the college campuses? Not even the President of a prestigious university can ask a question. Christian Science Monitor article.

Diplomad (Feb. 1) talks about the Comma-istas: “Of course the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were horrible [Here it comes! Listen for it!] [COMMA] but US policy in the Middle East . . ." “Of course the Iraqi elections were a good thing [COMMA] but they will not resolve the serious issue of severe income inequality in East St. Louis, or the growing gender disparity in the granting of scholarships to welding schools . . .” And the chief Comma-ista is John Kerry.

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