Friday, February 18, 2005

814 One more Valentine

A few weeks ago I checked out an antiques and collectibles guide from the public library because I wanted to check the value of some things I'd been collecting over the years. Usually these titles don't circulate, but apparently the policy had changed and a 2005 guide was available.

They are sort of fun to browse as you notice things you remember from grandma's house, or toys you threw away when they no longer interested you and now are collectible. A few years ago I freed up some space by giving my son his Fischer-Price garage and autos, and I think he made someone on e-bay very happy with it, because the wooden ones are quite collectible.

Anyway, this guide included a section on Valentines. I discovered that the scrapbook I'd made of my mother's valentines from her childhood about 30 years ago included sweet little pieces of paper more valuable than any of the pottery I'd purchased and collected over the years. This one is 3 dimensional and was given to her by her teacher.

To my Valentine

This one was given to my uncle Clare (killed in WWII) by his older brother.

Clare's valentine

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