Sunday, February 20, 2005

823 Now I'm a mammal?

When I went to Florida I was a marsupial; when I came back I was a reptile, now I'm a mammal. If this makes no sense to you, let me explain it is a rating system for blogs, based on unique links (I think). No matter how many people visit my site, it always flatlines at 71, so that apparently doesn't count.

No matter--that's not my topic. What I want to comment on is that the main stream media (MSM) has either ignored Terri Schiavo's situation or given erroneous information--saying she is in a vegetative state when her father says she can smile, return a kiss and say simple words. I visit a woman in a nursing home who can only tell me with her beautiful eyes that she knows I am there--and no one is trying to kill her. I visit another woman who had a brain stem aneurysm when she was 18, and has been using a feeding tube for over 30 years, but she knows who I am even if I haven't seen her in 5 years (I used to be her volunteer). She can also be fed with a spoon, but it takes a long time. Terri's husband won't allow her to be fed with a spoon. So the MSM has it wrong.

What about the bloggers--the pajamahadeen? Those big brave wannabe journalists of the new media? Well, most of the "higher beings" and "mortal humans" are off chasing stories about reporters in the MSM, charting red state/blue state minutia and nattering about someone who borrowed someone else's computer, leaving it to us little guys, the reptiles, mammals and slime to chip away at this story. Too busy to save a life of a woman in Florida, who will be executed on Tuesday, February 22. Here's their opportunity to really make a difference and they've put away their keyboards, folded their pajamas, put on their neckties and gone out for the evening. Thump hairy primate chest and chatter about how they brought down Dan Rather.

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