Saturday, February 26, 2005

843 She wants to be fed and watered

Florida Cracker always has a good take on the issues, plus she is consistent. She saves injured animals and cares about people too. About the food and water issue (and last I looked we all need some help with that):

"This witholding of food and water is actually getting pretty common. I was reading about a man named Hugh Finn whose wife had him starved to death even though his family wanted him. His family had to pay her court costs for the legal fight too.
Rather than eye Mr. Cracker with suspicion, I did a living will saying I want my food and water any way I can get them. It's not too much to ask that you be fed and watered twice a day.

The things you have to do these days to protect yourself from hearsay."

She has some further observations. Comments by one of her readers who prepares Living Wills is also worth reading.

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