Wednesday, February 02, 2005

789 Alice Robie Resnick's DUI

If you're not from Ohio, you probably haven't heard that six drivers on Interstate 75 reported a drunk driver was weaving and careening her way south. The state police caught her around Bowling Green, and she told them she was in a hurry to get to Columbus and she took off again. They followed her and stopped her again, and yes, she was 3 times over the limit. She's an Ohio Supreme Court Justice.

If six passing motorists noticed her behavior, so did those who regularly sit on the bench with her, her staff, and her family. Did they care too much, or not enough? She's had at least three auto accidents since 1998 according to today's Columbus Dispatch. Let's set aside for a moment that she's making legal decisions that affect the people of Ohio; she is dangerous behind the wheel and might kill someone!
Apparently, holding a job wasn't Ms. Resnick's problem--she gets reelected as the court's only Democrat.

People who are drunk at 2 p.m. on the interstate aren't social drinkers; they need help. They need to have their car keys and license taken away by someone more responsible and be handed a scholarship to Betty Ford or some other clinic to dry out, and then start working those 12 steps.

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ohio victim said...

did she slip, and tell about fudging cases in favor of the State of Ohio? Is that why our public defenders(Thomas Efta,Lyndsay Sullivan, Marla Dolchin) wont admit medical evidence in open and shut cases, then villiy their victim, to momitor their attempts at public assertion? Or, do they scyncronize with the local media, to manipulate The Peoples will?
Ater they cried to Asst. Proscutor Bill Hedricks, they threatened to use this police state tactic to monitor my computer. Who is the bigger criminal? It reeks of organized crime, and it took a drunk to open my eyes.