Monday, February 28, 2005

859 I'm not dead yet

"If you ever watched the TV mini-series "The Holocaust" with James Woods as an artist. In that movie they depicted the destruction of people not just in concentration camps, but prior to that. Before they started to destroy Jews and Gypsies and political dissidents, they first started destroying retarded children, people with brain defects. And they put them into vans and piped in carbon monoxide and killed them all. They looked on it as good because these people were difficult, they were expensive, they were awkward. They didn't have the quality of life required of the Third Reich. They were expendable. And from that came the Holocaust." Gregory Koukl


Anvilcloud said...

Ah yes, Tim's has expanded into Michigan and Ohio. How's it doing? Can't imagine that it's quite the phenomenon there that it is here.

Norma said...

I think most Tim Horton's here are piggybacked with Wendy's. I've been to two of them and haven't found them particularly charming--hard chairs, bland coffee. But I love it that a couple has a "date" place like you and Cuppa.

Anvilcloud said...

You're right! One doesn't go to Tim's for atmosphere.

Also, I think the secret to "digging" their coffee is to use 18% cream, which come standard here. Since one doesn't go there all of the time, I don't mind the heavy duty cream.

Wendy's now own's Tim's in Canada too.