Sunday, February 20, 2005

820 Which Democrat would you be?

Pejman Yousefzadeh speculates about being a Democrat (it's a stretch), and how he might choose between the Clinton wing and the Dean wing of the party:

"If we once again transport ourselves to an alternate universe--one in which I am a left-of-center Pej--I would resolve the argument by asking which wing of the Democratic Party had the most electoral success. The Democrats ran an angry campaign in the 2002 midterm elections--and lost. They then proceeded to run an even angrier campaign in 2004--and lost. By contrast, Bill Clinton won twice, and while his party lost both houses of Congress in 1994, the more ideological Democrats have not fared any better in congressional elections, and Clinton helped his party achieve midterm gains in 1998--an amazing feat given that Clinton was mired in scandal and that the President's party usually loses seats in midterm elections."

He wrote this for, commenting on the Washington Post article, but he has his own blog where this is cross posted.

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