Friday, February 25, 2005

837 Tag, you're it

When reading this story, I wondered if I would have ever made it to high school with the sort of hysteria that's reported about schools these days.

First off, I would've been in the headlines and my teacher jailed for child abuse, because one day in first grade she yanked my braids so hard she snapped my neck and then tied a towel around my face because I talked too much (imagine that!). The other children were not even reprimanded for laughing at me and damaging my self esteem.

Then there was that sex scandal. When I was in third grade and Tommy in fourth, we used to sneak across the street to the church with dense bushes (EUB?) and kiss.

Gender issues, yes we had them. In fourth grade I was the fastest runner in the class at recess, even if I had sore arches and a pain in my side from the glory. I looked around one day and saw that I was leaving the little boys in the dust, and figured out very quickly I needed to not show up the boys at their own game.

Grade school on a very cold day in Forreston


murrayT said...

I would imagine that there are many of us old timers that had experiences in elementary school that would be deemed abusive by todays standards. I was no exception. Dick Sweeny and I were freshmen and were just leaving school on our bikes when we noticed the grade school football coach holding his first practice with his football team. We stopped to watch. The coach was having his players run down field while he threw them passes. I got off my bike and started razzing the players whenever they missed a pass. ( I knew them all)This went on for about 10 minutes when suddenly Dick yells at me "WATCH OUT." I didn't know it but the coach had ran toward me to make a pass while I was yelling at the players downfield. Next thing I know the coach ran into me and knocked me down. He then grabbed me by the throat and yelled in my face "you tried to trip me". "Get on your bike and get home". Well he didn't have to tell me twice. That night at dinner my mother asked me what the marks were on my throat. I told her what happened. She called the coach and chewed on him a little and he said he was expecting her call and that he was sorry. This coach ended up becoming the principal and later had a school named after him. Gee, what would have happened in today's world?

murrayT said...
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Norma said...

Good story.