Friday, February 25, 2005

840 Conflict of Interest?

Should George Felos, Michael Schiavo's attorney, be on the board of directors of the Hospice where she resides and gets no treatment? Seems odd to me, if Becki is telling this story correctly:

"Terri was even starting to speak again - words like "yes" "no" and "stop that" - but that was before Michael Schiavo hired George Felos to help his wife "die with dignity". Now, Terri's parents have been safely removed so as to avoid "false hope". All media and medical access is tightly controlled by Micheal Schiavo and Felos; in response, Terri has at last physically and mentally degenerated to the level where she may be exterminated by polite society.

Terri's slow death will grind down to a brutal, final starvation, executed at Felos' request. Upon Terri's death, several hundred thousand dollars that were earmarked for Terri's long-term care and therapy will finally be released to her husband Michael Schiavo, his new lover and their two children, to his attorney George Felos, and quite possibly in turn to the Hospice itself. It is unknown if Felos would advocate quick death for hospice patients who do not have large sums of money lubricating their exit from life; evidently the Hospice has not been forthcoming with clients in regard to George Felos' true role at the Hospice."

Comments on Felos here.


murrayT said...

I thought I was through discussing this subject but I cannot ignore this crap. I don't know who Becki is but I find it strange that you keep stoking the fire under Michael's feet. You just can't seem to let go of the theory that he's the heavy in this whole disaster. Didn't you read the column I gave you from the Sentinel? Or do you believe Jay Wolfson made it all up or was lying?

Norma said...

Murray, the great thing about blogging is that you too can put forward your ideas at your blog and then invite readers. I don't know who Becki is either, just like you don't know the reporter at a newspaper. She has a point of view. She also links to an article about Felos, which I read, which is positive and puts forth his pro-active euthanasia ideas and his involvement in hospice. I have researched this topic pretty carefully, listened to interviews with Terri's siblings and have personal experience with someone who lives with a feeding tube; you have read a Florida newspaper and argued with me (I hope you've read more than this blog on the topic). We have taken different sides.

murrayT said...

I tried looking at this with an open mind at both sides. But you,on the other hand keep perpetuating only information that regards Michael as the heavy in this fiasco. Like publishing the Becki crud without knowing her or her source. I didn't publish the newspaper article ( even though I would put a little more credibility in it over an unknown source) I only ask you to read and perhaps consider it. By the way, unlike you, I haven't taken any side. If the woman is a vegetable pull the tubes otherwise provide treatment.

Norma said...

Sounds like we've both done our homework. Yes, I believe the husband is not performing as a guardian should. Yes, I believe he is the "heavy," as you say. Yes, I believe the lawyer is pro-euthanasia and that affects his advice and counsel. Yes, I believe Greer is also pro-euthanasia, and that clouds his opinions. Yes, I believe her family has her best interests at heart, and her "husband" does not. Yes, I believe that a man living in adultery, fathering out of wedlock children, is not an appropriate guardian for his wife's best interests. Anything else?

Now, go play some golf and cool down, or put your case in your own blog. Or I'll end up sounding like your mother--again.

murrayT said...

I now understand how your Blogs work. Even though at the bottom of each one it solicits comments, you really don't want any unless they agree with your position. Well when the time comes that I agree that Michael, the Hospice, George Felos, the judge, Jay Wolfson, misc. doctors, and now ( according to your 848 Blog ) Mitch and all of the Florida newspapers formed a conspiracy to starve Terri then and only then will I give you the benifit of my comments.

Just remember that you shouldn't assume that all people living with a feeding tube want to continue living in that manner.

I did take your earlier advice. The rain stopped so I played golf today.

Norma said...

How long have you tormented yourself thinking people would change what they believe just because you provide insight, good ideas, facts or even misinformation and opinion? Even if you enjoy arguing and it makes your heart dance and sing and next to golf it is your favorite hobby, by now you can probably list on one hand the minds you have changed. Try Usenet: they argue all day and no one budges and no one cares. I'm sure there are Usenet sites for golfers.

Blog means "web log," i.e., my diary on the internet, not yours. There are several hundred Terri blogs out there; maybe you'll change their minds if you comment at their log.

However, you were right a few comments back to say you weren't going to comment on this topic anymore, I'll give you than one.

Enjoy your golf game.

murrayT said...