Tuesday, February 15, 2005

804 Jungle Gardens, Sarasota Florida

A few years ago, one of our nieces got married here on the site of Jungle Gardens, a lush tourist attraction. Although the marriage didn't last, it is still a pretty place to visit and to hold a special event. I was able to get quite close to the Flamingoes for photographs. It started as a private residence and evolved into a place to observe a variety of plants and animals.

In the photo, a bird is enjoying lunch while we waited for "Birds of the Rainforest" show. While we were there taking in the Florida sites and sights, I had more visitors to my blog site than when I am blogging. I should take more vacations.

Lunch with a friend

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murrayT said...

Are you posing as natives? Don't you know that ALL northerners turn red and wear nothing but shorts while in Florida. Are you sure you know where your at? I also noticed your painting showed people fully dressed on the beach!