Friday, February 04, 2005

795 Ward Churchill Poll

Bill O'Reilly's page has a poll asking if Ward Churchill should be fired by the University of Colorado, and I voted No. If he is fired, conservatives should protest. Why give this 60s wannabe the red carpet treatment? Let him go the brave route many other faculty have taken--like being assigned no teaching assistants, a crummy office, all the worst departmental appointments, denial of grants and research funds, and especially, large freshman classes of introductory classes. That's how universities get rid of conservatives. Of course, there is no evidence anyone wants to get him off the faculty except a few parents who think their hard earned tuition money for junior has gone up in smoke.

Professor Bainbridge on what conservatives should do.


Twylah said...

As a CU alum, I find this whole episode unspeakably humiliating, but I agree with you 100%. And thanks for the Prof. Bainbridge link.

doyle said...

I don't think Churchill should be terminated by CU for what he's said (no matter how distasteful it is) outside of his classroom. If he's teaching this crud to his students, OTOH, the school should examine the educational merits of his class, or if it's only a soapbox for him to spread his brand of poison.

With all of the questions raised about whether or not Churchill really is a Native American (and it's a requirement for the teaching position he holds) the possibility exists CU could terminate him for falsifying his employment application.

Norma said...

I don't know if blood quantum is still used (1/32), even so, I think you have to prove lineage to the Indian registration of the late 19th century. But this group seems to deny he's Native American:

"The Oneida Indian Nation, which has historic ties to nearby Hamilton, issued the following statement:

''It's disturbing that anyone would use such hateful speech, and do so while claiming to be an American Indian when there is significant evidence that he is not. Professor Churchill caused many in the media to falsely believe an American Indian scholar could besmirch the lives of those who died on 9/11. Because of this, he owes every American Indian an apology.

''Likewise it is sad that he would perpetrate this apparent hoax on Hamilton College, an institution founded to help educate Indian students.'' (Hamilton was founded by Samuel Kirkland, 18th century missionary to the Oneidas, and the famous Oneida Chief Schenandoah is buried on its grounds. The Oneida Nation owns Four Directions Media, publisher of Indian Country Today.)"