Tuesday, February 01, 2005

786 Should librarian bloggers be anonymous?

Jack Stephens at Conservator notes a new blog called simply "Librarian," which is written anonymously. Doesn't appear to be any big secret. He identifies the suspect--a well known, far left Florida faculty member. I looked at his link. Yawned. Moved on. Do I really want to celebrate 100 years of the Industrial Workers of the World, or follow another screed on the evils of capitalism?

Being anonymous on the internet, in my opinion, shouldn't bump her, however. I regularly read "Wretchard" of Belmont Club and Diplomad and have no idea who they are, assuming if they are putting that much effort and research into their writing, they probably have jobs or families they want to protect. My family and friends know who I am--to everyone else, I'm a collection of pixels on a screen, possibly I'm just a calico cat at the keyboard.

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