Wednesday, December 03, 2014

How to use a crisis

Something's a little fishy. Obama loads up our local police with all that left over war stuff--even Ohio State got some and lumbering multi-wheeled armored trucks suitable for sand dunes look a little silly on campus.  Then he decides local control of the police isn't good enough to protect blacks, and the police really need more federal control. Then he has tax dodger Al Sharpton at his beer summit as though he speaks for law abiding African Americans. 

And how about that lefty media getting vapors about what one GOP woman said on Twitter?  Ayesha Kreutz, a black woman FB friend, comments:

“So, I read a headline ONLY that some GOP woman has resigned? What? She resigned over making a comment about the Obama girls looking bored and their clothing apparently. What in the world is happening people? Now, don't get it twisted, sure it is kind of mean spirited IMHO to pick on kiddos especially those of high profile people, but hey, it is part of the job I suppose, it happens. But how in the world is this lady resigning and not Barack Obama?

  • He can launder money (Solyndra) and not have to resign?
  • He can get an United States ambassador killed ( Benghazi) and not have to resign?
  • Obama and his administration did more than Nixon ever thought of doing, he has an enemies list and targeted citizens with the IRS, and no resigning for him?
  • He can lie repeatedly to the American people as a matter of fact he is a prolific liar I would list the list but they are endless, yet no resignation?

This is just the mega short list of why he should resign, though impeachment is much better. Democrats should be ashamed to let this guy represent them, If he was a Republican president he would have been impeached already and we would have brought up the charges ourselves. The GOP has its head somewhere bad or else the White House has so many secrets/scandals on these folks and are threatening to use them. If that is the case for the good of the country you all need to step down; other wise grow a pair.”

Then an NFL player posted a photo of the rear end of Malia, and nary an outcry for sexualizing the first daughter.

“Protesters in Ferguson were confronted by police driving armoured personnel carriers and carrying assault weapons, who repeatedly used tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators. Last week, teams of officers armed with military-grade weaponry and army-style fatigues were once again seen driving around Ferguson, although the overall response by law enforcement was more calibrated.”

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