Saturday, March 21, 2015

A list of martyred popes—Wikipedia

I’m listening to a lecture (while riding my exercycle) on how the pagans were evangelized in the early church.  Now that Christians are being killed for the faith in larger numbers than the first century, it’s a good message to hear.  It wasn’t Facebook, Twitter and rock concerts, for sure. In some ways it is more difficult today. He mentioned how many popes were killed.  Tough job!  Don’t miss the final minutes of the talk where Steve Ray meets his neighbor in the judgment. Story of Steve Ray.

“The full list of popes from Peter up through John Paul II, including many mentioned as martyrs, is found in I Sommi Pontifici Romani, Annuario Pontificio, and the iconography of the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls. A secondary source, Liber Pontificalis or "Book of the Popes", adds "crowned with martyrdom" for half a dozen of the first 33 popes not specifically identified as martyrs in the primary sources. Several other popes are traditionally said to have been martyred, according to the Acts of the Martyrs and other sources of unknown authenticity.

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