Saturday, March 14, 2015

The pope wants to go out for pizza

“Speaking to the program “Noticieros Televisa,” Francis displays his usual candor, dishing details about the secret conclave that elected him, talking about how he senses his papacy will be short, how the church must get tough on sexual abuse, and how all he really wants “is to go out one day, without being recognized, and go to a pizzeria for a pizza.” “ Religion News Service
Yesterday I had a chance to visit with Annabelle who lives in San Antonio and was in town visiting her 96 year old mother.  When she was a senior in high school she was our babysitter and now has a 13 year old grand daughter although she’s just as pretty as she was then.  She asked about our daughter whom she babysat for in 1968.  She claims there are no good pizza places in her city, and they were all looking forward to going to Tommy’s last night for pizza. That’s where our family went for years, always calling the order in ahead of time because our little guy was a bit impatient and didn’t like to wait for his food.  But I must say, our children were always the best behaved in restaurants.
That sounded so good we ordered pizza from Iacono’s just up the road for dinner last night.  Usually, we have a Friday night date with neighbors or friends, but my husband’s cold that he picked up on the plane back from Haiti has been hanging on.

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