Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Capri pants for summer

The only photo of the Lauren Jeans Co. Capri pants I bought yesterday for $3.00 at VOA with all the tags still on was in navy, so I color filled.  Doesn’t look too great in the photo, but the price was good.  Originally about $70 at Macy’s.  Who would pay that? A little snug, but should fit nicely by June, and it goes with several of my summer shirts.  Looking forward to walks along the Lakefront this coming summer.  Last summer I could barely walk. Physical therapy and weight loss have helped a lot. Now I’m working on my breathing.

capri 2

“Comparisons and conclusions were difficult to evaluate as treatment interventions and outcome measurements from the seven trials varied considerably. At present therefore no reliable conclusions can be drawn concerning the use of breathing exercises for asthma in clinical practice. However trends for improvement, notably in quality of life measurements, are encouraging and further studies including full descriptions of treatment methods and outcome measurements are required.” Source

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Norma said...

Update: By mid-May they were too large.