Friday, March 27, 2015

Long lost purple heart will be reunited with family of recipient

Ten years ago Smuckers the dog dug a hole in the lawn and when his owner Steve Jankousky went to fill it up, he found something shiny—a Purple Heart.  For 10 years Jankousky has been looking for the man whose name was engraved on it--Cpl. Richmond Litman.  Finally, he found a step-daughter, and will soon be in touch with Litman’s family.  The Korean War soldier died in the 1990s.

Smuckers, left, dug up a Purple Heart medal a decade ago. This weekend, he and his owner, Steve Jankousky, will be reuniting the long-lost medal with Cpl. Richmond Litman's family.

And Smuckers is still alive to help with the reunion.  Neat story.

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