Monday, March 23, 2015


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I’m a little mixed on this message.  Any business should be responsive to the stockholders.  If the company can’t earn a profit in a black neighborhood, it shouldn’t be there.  However, the CEO should stop being such a hypocrite about race.


Anonymous said...

Liberals want the other guy to change.

Happy Progessive said...

There were 2 Starbucks in 'black' neighborhoods in Indianapolis, 1 on Fall Creek and owned by Magic Johnson and another at 38th and Meridian. I patronized them both. The one at 38th was my favorite and closest to where I worked (in a black neighborhood with white people, Asians and Hispanics to boot). Both went out of business even though many people tried, wrote letter, sent emails, and called to get the company to reconsider. It's an economic decision, after all we wouldn't put a maternity shop in your part of town.