Monday, March 16, 2015

Fathers of the Church, an 8 part series

The Fathers of the Church are a swath of history all Christians-- Catholic, Orthodox and Protestants—can share.  As a Lutheran, I’m often distressed that our church history seems to begin in the 16th century, and not with the first century Christians.  This instructor is a layman, Charles Craigmile, a Chicago businessman with seminary training, and I know nothing about him, even after search Google, but he’s very good.  This series was given in the summer of 2014 at St. Mary’s Church, Lake Forest, IL.  Now, it is given from a Catholic point of view, as you notice, when he suggests responses Catholics can provide for their friends of other denominations.  This is the first lecture, then by searching you YouTube or looking to the right hand column of your screen, you can find the other seven.

Update: Checked Mr. Craigmile's LinkedIn page: DePaul University, MA, Philosophy, 1987 – 1989; University of St. Thomas, University of St. Thomas, BA, Philosophy, Latin and Greek, 1981 – 1985. He's currently President and Chief Executive Officer at Revenova LLC of Chicago.

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Norma said...

I have a cold and have spent several hours in bed today--this is a great series to watch. There's sure nothing on day-time TV!