Thursday, March 12, 2015

Black mayor of Selma wouldn’t play the media game

When asked to compare his city to the Selma of 50 years ago, Mayor George Evans said there was less crime then.  There’s more unemployment now and although there are jobs, the population doesn’t have the skills to fill them.

Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal says, “Liberalism, moreover, tends to ignore or play down the black advancement that took place prior to the major civil-rights triumphs of the 1960s and instead credits government interventions that at best continued trends already in place. Black poverty fell 40 percentage points between 1940 and 1960—a drop that no Great Society antipoverty program has ever come close to matching. Blacks were also increasing their years of schooling and entering the white-collar workforce at a faster rate prior to the affirmative-action schemes of the 1970s than they were after those programs were put in place to help them.”

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