Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kevin Corke on Fox

A really great addition to the Fox News line up is Kevin Corke. He does the morning correspondent news, usually on Washington. He keeps opinion to the minimum in his reporting, but occasionally slips it in. I think he used to be with an NBC affiliate. One of the best I’ve seen with a beautiful voice, and not tough to look at either. Love his ties and fashion sense. Fox has much better diversity, better looking women with great dresses and shoes, and more qualified news reporters and more political variety than the other cable and network news sources. The outnumbered show at noon is outstanding. 200% better than the View.


Anonymous said...

Nice teeth.

Anonymous said...

He looks good. As far as your comments about how good their news reporting is, you get a fail. They lie, they lie, they lie, they make fun of poor people, sick people and people who don't look like them.

Norma said...

If your only source is MSNBC, I can see why the truth seems like a lie. What have they got--100 viewers like you? It's probably the only time you've heard the truth is when you watch Fox. And why are you watching if you think they lie to you?