Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eric Holder gets what he wants

More riots and 2 seriously wounded policemen.  Now actually, the rioters and Holder and Sharpton would have been happier with dead cops, because removing the police chief was never what this was about.  Ferguson’s ticket writing for minorities?  That’s a laugh.  It’s below the national average.  And if a community is predominately minority, why wouldn’t the majority of traffic stops be for minorities.  Should white police be fired as the community demographics change?

The Democratic party can’t survive if Americans--black, white, Asian, male and female, gay and transgendered, young and old-- all get along because the “diversity” meme, which actually means little tight boxes, is essential for their votes.

An estimated 17.7 million persons age 16 or older indicated that their most recent contact with the police in 2008 was as a driver pulled over in a traffic stop. These drivers represented 8.4% of the nation’s 209 million drivers. A greater percentage of male drivers (9.9%) than female drivers (7.0%) were stopped by police during 2008. White (8.4%), black (8.8%), and Hispanic (9.1%) drivers were stopped by police at similar rates in 2008. Stopped drivers reported speeding as the most common reason for being pulled over in 2008. Approximately 85% of drivers pulled over by police in 2008 felt they had been stopped for a legitimate reason. In 2008, about 74% of black drivers believed police had a legitimate reason for stopping them compared to 86% of white and 82% of Hispanic drivers.

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