Thursday, October 04, 2018

America is under attack by guest blogger, Todd L. Thorton

“I'll go out on a limb here and say assaulting people in restaurants, airports, and elevators because they don't agree with a particular point of view rises well above a civil conversation. Destroying businesses, city vehicles, occupying parks, defacing private homes, and blocking city streets is no way to win an argument. Taking a stand against national borders, law enforcement, and the rule of law tips the scales of sound judgement. America doesn't want socialism in any form.

We are proud nationalists, not racists. We want everyone to do well and be successful. The left has destroyed our schools, our health care, and religious freedoms. Their idea of "help" is to fence off minorities into racist "projects" and attempt to care for their every need at their neighbor's expense. No one wants a hand-out, they want a damn job. They attack our legal system because a conservative court will stop them from overturning our elections, taking our guns, our freedom, and our ability to stop them from fundamentally changing America into China, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, or Cuba. They decry fascism while actively practicing it while calling us fascists. They think we are that stupid because we don't speak up.

America is under attack, and as such, an equally defensive show of force is required to stop these offensive attacks. The left has lied, misled, and deceived the American public using scare tactics because they too know we are not Venezuela. The left will pay the price at the ballot box this fall. The left has brought tools to the battle field of political discourse never before used. Despite George Soros spending nearly $1 Billion to finance the fall of America funding this nonsense and nightly reporting of the horror and lies by $1 Million talking heads at CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, et. al, the left is still failing. All that money should have been spent on homelessness, education, medical research, cleaner fuels and the environment all issues the old left used to care about.

The old left is gone, replaced by globalists using our youth as tools to destroy freedom, democracy, and everything that stands in the way of the power of Billionaires to lord over us. The leftists and Democratic socialists/communists are about to have these weapons of political discourse now turned upon them. One simply cannot un-ring the the bell when it appears they are losing.

Despite their best efforts, we will win. We are smarter, we work harder, we love freedom, and we love the United States of America. Say no to censorship. Do not let anyone divide us by gender, by race, by religion, or even by sexual orientation. We are all Americans. Period. Identity Politics is designed by the leftists to destroy and divide us. Vote Republican in all races this fall and continue the journey to make America great again.”

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