Sunday, October 28, 2018

Glenn Beck interviews Michael Rectenwald of NYU

Michael Rectenwald is a former Communist professor at NYU and is now a libertarian. What really changed his views was having his friends and colleagues attack him because he didn’t like the PC atmosphere on campus and wrote about it. Was attacked as just another Cis-gender white male supremacist. He was an outstanding professor, loved by his students, did all the committee and membership stuff you have to do to get P & T at a university. Published many articles and books defending Marxism. But as I’ve mentioned before eventually the Left eats its own, and it went after him.

Glenn Beck is probably the best interviewer on radio/TV—actually lets his guest speak. Although we don’t watch him regularly like we did 5 years ago, he’s outstanding in this capacity. This is an excellent story about Prof. Rectenwald’s transition, not from male to female, but from left to liberal/libertarian. He explains what is happening in our culture: Communism is like blowing up a building with bombs; post-modernism is like placing a few strategic termites and waiting for the building to fall. He dates this to 1968. And it begins with language. There is nothing but language, and to subvert the culture, you begin with the language.

Oh, and by taking a stand and not submitting to “a mental health leave” for his political views, he did get his job back.

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