Saturday, October 13, 2018

Tracy, guest blogger, visits DC during the Kavanaugh hearings!

So my husband and I went to Washington DC for our 20th anniversary . We had the trip planned a month and a half in advance, but it happened to end up being last week and weekend when all the Kavanaugh protests were happening . We got to be in the gallery on the senate floor when Mitch McConnell and crying Chuck Schumer addressed the subject of moving forward with the vote.  It was so neat to actually be in there . Anyways , we went to all the protests - we were very respectful, minus the fact that our presence itself was offensive because we wore our Trump gear and I had on a “Confirm Kavanaugh” shirt .

Despite the fact that we were just quietly observing these protests, we were verbally attacked multiple times . I was called a gender traitor more times than I can even count . One woman told us ( after observing our trump gear ) to go back to Alabama , Mississippi , or wherever the “F%*^” we were from. ( We are from GA ) . Perhaps she should take a look at the electoral map and see all the red. . .  why would she assume we were from Alabama or Mississippi ? We were yelled at to get the F out of there , that we weren’t welcome .

One woman walked right up to us with her daughter who appeared to be about 15 or 16 years old . First she told us that President Trump is only making America great if you’re white and she went on to talk about our white privilege ( she was also white) . She then went on to ask if we had daughters . My husband told her yes , that we have two daughters about her daughter’s age . She then proceeded to tell us that she hopes that our daughters get raped and get pregnant and get denied an abortion .

I could go on and on with stories about our DC trip. So many people would walk by us , see our shirts or hats and give us a discreet thumbs up but keep walking as to not associate with us in fear of being attacked.  On the other hand, some would stop and talk and hang out with us and we met some awesome people whom I hope to stay in touch with . One guy came up to us and started up a conversation with us and asked if he could hang with us . I told him of course ! He then pulled his MAGA hat out of his backpack and put it on because he felt safe to do so since he had others with him.

It was truly an eye opening experience. You see it on TV and it’s nuts . . .  but seeing it in person is a lot different . We actually witnessed the famous protestors banging and trying to claw open the Supreme Court doors . It was pure craziness .

The DC and Capitol police are amazing and on top of it.   Super kind and helpful, but when it came down to business - they weren’t playing . Even in the angry mob - I felt safe for the most part with the exception of a couple of times where I felt nervous . They also had undercover cops everywhere .

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