Sunday, October 21, 2018

Relax liberals

Although I'm not sure this will assure my Democrat friends and relatives, Brett Kavanaugh will probably not bring any change to the leftward list of the last 60+ years of SCOTUS decisions. Beginning with Earl Warren (when I was in high school and during the 40 years  I  was a Democrat) we've had an activist court. Americans have become very comfortable with being told what to do by the highest court. Democrats are never disappointed with their presidents' SCOTUS picks; Republicans always are with whom their presidents chose.

 Joseph Mussomeli at the Imaginative Conservative outlines the picks and pans. Eisenhower gave us Warren and Brennan; Nixon gave us Blackmun and Powell (Roe v. Wage and California v. Bakke); Ford's appointee John Paul Stevens helped strike down "a moment of silence;" Reagan's Sandra Day O'Connor often disappointed conservatives; GHW Bush's David Souter also sided with liberals; GW Bush's John Roberts supported Obamacare.

So relax liberals, Democrats, Progressives and Communists. Call back your witches, the Antifa, the Pink hatted haters. Stop the caravans invading. The court always leans left, even if it's not as fast as you desire.

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