Monday, October 08, 2018

Heidi Walked Away after 2 terms of Obama and voting for Hillary

“I grew up in a blue-collar family we didn't have much but we did have my dad who busted his butt. Growing up I always heard how the Democratic party was for the working class people for the people who didn't have much, and the Republican party was for the upper-class rich folks. Always voted Democrat because they are the people who work for us! As I grew up and became old enough to vote, I was always reminded, Vote Democrat! Don't know the candidate doesn't matter if they have a D beside their name vote for them, They understand and fight for working class people!

When Obama came up for office I thought our hopes and dreams as Americans had been answered, I felt so passionately about it, I worked for both of his grassroots movements. I made so many phone calls and knocked on doors I was so full of passion that he was going to change the world! Joe Biden even came to our campaign headquarters and I got to shake his hand, I thought How amazing is this! These 2 men will save this country!

As time went by I started to watch how our country became more and more divided, but in my mind, it was those EVIL Republicans doing it, because the Democrats work for us right? I was so confused I honestly felt lost because it wasn't making sense to me. Then when it came time to vote for the Democratic nominee, I voted Hillary and as a woman, I felt I had to vote for the woman it was my duty as a woman and as a Democrat and we had to beat Evil Trump! He was everything I hated, right? But I watched the news and I watched how my party was being overtaken by these hateful spiteful people who where trying to take the rights of free speech away who where beating people for speaking against them, who set fires and riots on campuses, because they didn't like the speakers, and how horrible my divided my country became and why, and just like that the veil was lifted from my eyes.  I saw things for what they really where and who truly was doing these things, and the evil Trump wasn't as evil as the news and people said he was. He actually was fighting for the same things I wanted to change! Talk about a slap in the face, It was like everything I knew all my life was a lie everything I was taught wasn't true.  I felt like I had just run into a wall because where do I belong now?  Who speaks for me and my family?

My boyfriend showed me a video of these college kids having an Anti-Trump Rally, and it was so full of hate and how they treated others who disagreed with them, and I said enough is enough and that's the day I walked away from the Democratic Party and changed my vote to Republican.  I still find myself sometimes feeling lost because I disagree with something the Republicans stand for that I don't. Then all I have to do is turn on the T.V. and be reminded that even though I might disagree with some things, I sure as heck don't agree with the Democrats.

I have lost family, I have lost friends because I support Trump, I have been called every name in the book and been told how much of a disgrace I am because I support him. Which just all goes back to why I walked away. Democrats aren't about helping one another and lifting others up when you have a difference of opinion, they are about conforming to their mindset and if you don't, then you're an evil hateful racist. As for me and my family, we will fly our American Flag every day, we will show Pride in our country and support our men and woman in uniform, and in 2020 we WILL be a household that Votes for TRUMP! “

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