Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Update from Larisa on Lily’s leukemia

“Today Lily had her first 4 week off treatment appointment. Her counts looked good. Not quite normal yet but that is expected. She is feeling much better off chemo. Her back pain which was causing a bunch of issues a couple of months ago is much better since she started doing acupuncture!

Overall Lily is doing great. She is enjoying her senior year of high school. She has heard back from two colleges that she has been admitted and is waiting on her final 4 colleges and nursing programs to make a final decision.

Overall her body is still recovering from the two years of more chemo. This month they are running some additional tests to see how her immune system is recovering. Those results will take a couple of days. In addition she is continuing to follow up with orthopedics on her back — they recommended acupuncture which is working so praying that continues to improve her back and overall pain level. She will also follow up with endocrinologist in December. We are hoping getting off chemo will help with the issues she has had there. Time will tell on most of this. We are cautiously trying to wean her off some more of her meds. It will be a slow process.

So on a different note please send up a prayer for our sweet clinic friend Finn. His cancer continues to spread. He and his mom sat often beside us at clinic. Such a sweet family. Please keep them in your prayers. Rhabdo is a horrible cancer.”




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