Thursday, October 04, 2018

Young black man walks away

“Not one Republican called me an "Uncle Tom".
Not one Republican called me a "coon".
Not one Republican called me a "sellout".
Not one Republican called me a self-hating racist, or a bigot, or a homophobe.
Not one Republican ever insulted my intelligence.
Not one Republican stabbed me in the back because I had the nerve to be a free thinker.

I was convinced as a college student back in 2004 that the Democrats were the saviors, to the point where I told my father that since it was my first year as a registered voter that I was thinking of voting for John Kerry. The next day, my old man called me down to his office and he prescribed that red pill for me via a long persuasive talk about the cold hard truth behind politics. On election day, I voted for Bush.

In 2008, I was naïve enough to want to see history be made as we had a first-ever minority President in my lifetime. Due to the economic recession, I voted for Barack Obama. And then I enlisted into the United States Navy and that move gave me a whole brand new perception on life and on patriotism. We all had to live with eight years of one of the biggest mistakes I ever made by voting for Obama. And some of us voted for him twice. I didn't vote at all in 2012. The economy got even worse. Nothing in the urban areas improved. Race relations went backwards. Social media was crawling with fake armchair politicians who do nothing but post memes and report any and everyone with opposing views.

I am so thankful that this #WalkAway trend is spreading so widely and so quickly and I'm thankful that so many people have seen the light and have seen right through all the leftist liberal BS propaganda. The party that's all about "Love Trumps Hate" is ironically the same party that spreads more hate than anyone else in the United States and are riddled with the divide-and-conquer mentality. I walked away when I admittedly voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016 and I will surely vote for him again in 2020. Make America Great Again and let's keep it great!”  From the #WalkAway site, by David Allen

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