Saturday, October 20, 2018

Things change quickly in la-la land

Donald Trump, the man the Democrats/Progressives/Left and their buddies in late night TV accused of being mentally ill and incompetent, a stupid boob, a racist, sexist and homophobe, is now supposed to straighten out generations of Saudi regime behavior which includes hard line sharia justice, (chopping off hands, stoning women, beheading homosexuals). Until recently the Leftists were OK with sharia and if any of us were concerned WE were Islamophobes. Now that their victim is a journalist, well, it's shock and awe at the 7th century system of justice.

One of the President's simple phrases is "they are good people." He's quite predictable and doesn’t use big words. It's like Obama's stammer when he's searching for the next word. He said it about Mexicans coming illegally over the border, meaning not all were criminals, and the Left chose to NOT hear it, and instead heard "rapists." He said it in Charlottesville when angry groups were attacking each other, and others were just standing around and the Left heard only "I admire Nazis."

No matter what President Trump says, the leftist media and politicians translate it for the worst. He never said all Mexicans are criminals and rapists--he's not a racist. He never said the white supremacists were good and he agreed with them. That's just our "free press" media slinging it again, telling us what to think.


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