Thursday, October 25, 2018

The WalkAway Campaign

There is a social media site that’s getting a lot of traction, and I read it since I was a Democrat until 2000.  The founder, Brandon Straka, a gay actor (I suspect he must be out of work), has done some TV appearances on Fox—or possibly others. The bulk of the “testimonies” are young people—of all varieties—gay, trans, brown, black, born again Christians, Muslims, atheists, white even foreign—who have walked away either from liberalism or Democrat party.  Many submit videologs about their epiphanies.  Not all say they’ve become Republicans, but they aren’t voting Democrat in this or the 2020 election.  Their biggest complaint seems to be they are tired of being treated like victims, and they realize the media are biased.  That said, this one pasted below seems a little formulaic to me—as if it were written by a Democrat or two I know.  As if they were suddenly to see the light.  Question:  Do people really become wise, sensible, patriotic and pragmatic by getting off social media and not watching the news?

“I'm 26. I was a Democrat and progressive every since I first got into politics. Loved President Obama, voted for Bernie in the primary. Then voted for Hillary. I HATED Trump, the reason is because I thought he was racist, sexist and a bigot, I also thought all Republicans and his were supporters were too. When he won, I was devastated. Couldn't believe this happened. I expected the world to end, literally. Up until a little over a month ago, I was a dedicated viewer of CNN and MSNBC, listened to SiriusXM progress on a daily basis etc. Everyday that passed by, I got madder and madder. And I hated him more and more. I finally got so tired of him, I decided to stop watching the news and take a break from social media. That was when I finally had time to think, on my own, without 24/7 liberal commentary/media TELLING me how to think.. I realized this is the greatest country on Earth. I'm not a victim, I'm not a whiner. I take personal responsibility for myself. There's so much to be grateful for being an American. I started questioning why I was a Progressive. The reason is because I thought I was SUPPOSED to be one. I also realized that the news paints this man in such a terrible light, they WANT you to hate him. While in reality, this country is doing GREAT under his leadership. They want you to focus on his character and not how America is becoming the world leader again. Every single attack against him is that he's supposedly racist sexist and bigoted, that's all bs man. Nobody wants to talk about how great America is doing right now. When you realize that, there's no way you can be a Dem anymore. He is standing up for this country, and they hate it. They want him to be a globalist and make the rest of the world happy, at the expense of Americans. I honestly believe they don't love this country. I didn't. I came to the revelation that 90% of what I was complaining about was BS and playing the victim. All rooted in emotions and zero logic. I was mad all the time and truly didn't know why. That's exactly how all of them are. They'll never admit this country is wonderful. They'll never admit this man is doing great. I am. Therefore I am not a Democrat anymore, and I will vote for him in 2020. And whoever wants to help him along the way. I believe millons of Americans like me are walking away, silently. The media will never report it. But they will see sooner rather than later.”

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