Tuesday, October 30, 2018

From the Secretary of Homeland Security

“There is an appropriate way to express your solutions, to express your ideas. I welcome them at all times, but these calls to violence, these calls to disruptions, are not effective, not productive and frankly they just contribute to additional deconstruction of our ability to work together,” the secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said."

That's a very nice, reasonable, political way to talk, but it doesn't hide the fact that the calls for violence, disruption and resistance from the Left are not intended to be productive or contribute to harmony. They are intended to bring down the Trump administration. If you think things are bad now, wait until November 7. If Republicans keep the House and Senate, there will be more rioting, burning, and screaming at the moon.  If Republicans lose Congress, Democrats will immediately begin plans to destabilize the government and stall the economy.  They will see to it that Trump can succeed at nothing that benefits the country.


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