Tuesday, October 02, 2018

The Kavanaugh hearings, guest blogger Kay

I am a Republican. (Let’s see, I have a devotion to my Catholic faith (therefore I must support the KKK), I support the 2nd amendment (therefore I must support wide spread use of guns, rather than responsible use), I do not believe in murder, including a baby in the womb (not sure what that is called), I believe in marriage between man and woman, as intended by God.  I don’t know if I want to go on as the truth is important to our well being and humanity.

I would like to add, because of the Democrats of this committee (and perhaps others, but I’m thinking of at least Durbin and Feinstein), they are trying to turn the tide to suit their agenda. If you had noticed, Feinstein did not ask questions of any substance during her turn to question Kavanaugh. These Democrats blame the FBI should have handled it, but their “own” member (Biden) claimed truthfully, the FBI does not make any recommendations. I’m sure you heard Biden’s outburst that has been replayed and replayed. (From the Clarence Thomas hearing)

The Senate committee attempted many times to accommodate Ford. If you saw the interview with Ford, you would have realized she did not know of these offers. One can only guess that her attorneys are running the show.

It is the committee’s obligation to complete a full investigation. While the majority attempted to obtain information and accommodate Ford, the minority did NOTHING.

If listened to Kavanaugh’s statements, he repeated his stance that he requested an immediate hearing on the matter, immediately, and that he wanted to make his own statements, that he would do anything the Senate committee asked him to do whether it be their own investigation or another FBI one.

From Kavanaugh’s perspective, if your life has been turned into a complete, beyond belief, mess (can’t think of a better word, and I know they are out there!), you would be very angry, very insistent on resolving the mess, and very persistent of your own innocence to the accusations.

I can understand his perspective.

For Dr. Ford, she (with most likely help from others) has brought to the table a very serious accusation.  None of us approves of any assault of any kind whether it comes from a man or from a woman. Her accusation has no substantive proof.

And wrongly so, the Democrats are advocating Kavanaugh should prove his innocence. Actually, she should have the burden of proof. Think about that concept. It has been discussed widely across news media (maybe, though, not in CNN’s world). Think about the ability to accuse someone, resulting in the ruin of that person’s life, without regard of carrying out justice process, that is: “innocent until proven guilty”. Think how that can be the ruin of men of this society  and actually anyone.

It’s sick.

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