Friday, October 05, 2018

How Democrats have worked the system with their handmaiden media.

  • 1. Before the hearings within minutes of the nomination, call Kavanaugh unqualified on camera. Fail.
  • 2. During the hearings, claim to know how he'll vote on unspecified cases not yet before the court on camera. Fail.
  • 3. Leak rumors to the press. Fail.
  • 4. Discuss sex abuse uncorroborated charges from 36 years ago claiming it's not really a trial, therefore OK to assume guilt on camera. Fail.
  • 5. Redefine groping to mean rape with help of #MeToo movement and social media. Fail.
  • 6. Find other accusers dug up by TV porn lawyer. Fail.
  • 7. Use scribbles in a high school year book as evidence of guilt for uncorroborated sex abuse charges. Fail.
  • 8. Demand that Kavanaugh not defend his reputation, record and family and ridicule his lack of masculinity which was the basis for 1-7. Fail.
  • 9. Demand a seventh FBI investigation to delay the confirmation. Fail.
  • 10. Claim the FBI investigation is flawed even before reading it. Call in the harradins, harpies and misanthropes to ratchet up the resistance. Roll cameras

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