Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fancy Nancy and the President's trips to Israel

The Kitchen Cabinet says:

"Nancy Pelosi - the gift that just keeps on giving... with Mitt Romney currently visiting Israel, guess she was feeling nervous for Obama when in her interview with Al Hunt she remarked that, he "has been there [Israel] over and over again."

Hmmm, not once as President, and only twice before that while in the Senate, and NEVER as a private citizen.

Pelosi also said that Republican Jews are being "exploited", but did remark, "And they’re smart people." Yeah, smart enough not to vote for Obama this time Nancy... getting anxious yet?"

More here:​blogs/​pelosi-president-obamas-been-is​rael-over-and-over-again_64907​8.html and interview transcript here:​2012-07-27/​pelosi-says-republicans-use-isr​​ml

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that's a "classy' picture.