Saturday, October 14, 2017

Paying off insurance companies will stop

Congress refused to fund Obamacare, so President Obama just went around them, illegally as the court decided, and gave the money to the insurance companies. Obama knows exactly how to do a left turn to get more power. 1) Get what you want with abusive executive orders, 2) give candy to a toddler realizing the next guy won't take it away because of the tantrums. Unless the next guy is Trump and knows how to deal and says, "I'll give away the executive power Obama stole and hand it back to Congress so you guys have to do your job."

Obama didn't like Congress' decision so he ordered the money from the Treasury, a violation of the ACA law itself. Only Congress has that power. It was found unconstitutional. Trump has put a stop to the illegal actions Obama created and put it back in Congress' lap.

Washington Post described Trump's reversing Obama's illegal stealing money from Treasury to pay insurance companies as "throwing a bomb into the insurance market places." And that, my friends, is how the left destroys our language--with bombs. He has returned the responsibility to Congress which Obama stole from them. When your legacy is executive actions because you overstep your bounds, you risk the next president undoing them.

Nancy Pelosi who actually is in Congress said she has no idea what's in the order, but it is sabotage. A repeat of her not knowing what was in the ACA to begin with but passed it anyway?
The power of the purse belongs to Congress, not President Obama. Trump is draining the swamp and handing Congress back its authority over the purse.

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Anonymous said...

Well stated. We are on a dangerous path of justifying unconstitutional acts, which incidentally give more power to the federal government and executive branch, because it helps someone, or the act itself seems the right thing to do, even though it is the wrong way to do it. And in doing so with this last president, you get exactly what was predicted and is logical: the next president thinks he or she can do it, as well. What this president has done, as stated, is throw it back to who owns the responsibility, both with this and with children of undocumented immigrants. Posts I see on Facebook protesting this are already calling Trump a "killer" because of the people who will die because they can no longer afford health care. Everything is on an emotional level, and what the law says is of no consequence to them. This is very short-sighted. David