Friday, October 27, 2017

You've got to read Tinseltown Travelogue

Tinseltown Travelogue is a three-part series exploring Hollywood's stunning hypocrisy and institutionalized bigotry. This story, months in the making, comes on the heels of the explosive New York Times exposé of alleged sexual misconduct over decades by Tinseltown's most celebrated producer, Harvey Weinstein, and further unmasks an industry in the midst of an ethical unraveling.  (Part 3 isn't on the website yet)

So what should we call this lack of diversity, a gap or -ism?
"When reviewing publicly published data for all actors nominated in 2017 for best actor/actress in a lead or supporting scripted role for the Oscars, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Primetime Emmys, there wasn’t a single publicly verifiable right-of-center nominated actor out of the 240 potential awards. Not one. These are some of the most vocal stars in Hollywood because they are interviewed by media throughout the ...year as a result of their nominations. With the most prominent celebrities being almost uniformly liberal – Republicans are largely the only faction meaningfully affecting box office revenues based on politics. To Middle America, Hollywood has long been considered the enemy – and they’re acting on that relationship by closing their wallets." Tinseltown Travelogue, pt. 1.
The black-list of conservatives, and particularly anyone who voted for Trump or is even sympathetic, is bigger and badder than when it was a Communist witch hunt 60 years ago; now it's a black-list of any conservative except the old icons like Clint Eastwood by the left and the Communists in Hollywood. Everyone else has to hide in the closet; they don't dare speak freely or they'll never work again.
"When blacks claimed a lack of diversity approaching this level of disparity for just one award show, a national debate branded #OscarsSoWhite swept the nation. Not so much as a peep has been heard from the media about Movie City’s snub of rightwingers."
Here's the lack of political diversity: 76% left wing, 3% right wing, 21% unclear (based on campaign donations, public statements, and verifiable social media accounts). So that makes it about 90% left wing.

So minorities, women and conservatives have been abused by the liberals in Hollywood, who only love and respect their own. Jason Hall, the director of "Thank you for your service" is an anti-Trumper according to this personal account and ridiculed the author's wife on social media (a Mexican immigrant).
"In early January 2017, an anonymous email went out to members of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) suggesting that they would be blacklisted if they worked on the TV broadcast of Trump’s inauguration. Recipients thought the message was sent from someone of rank at the DGA. A union spokesperson confirmed with Breitbart News that they performed an investigation and were unable to identify the perpetrator of the email.

"When actress Nicole Kidman made the fairly benign statement days before the Inauguration that Americans should move on from the election and unite in support of the new president – third-generation TV writer Joss Whedon played the enforcer of Hollywood’s one-party system by mocking Kidman’s looks, and labeling her a “Puppet for Trump. Seemingly fearing further retribution, Kidman quickly backed off her statement." Tinseltown travelogue, pt. 2 
"In March 2017, when asked by Jimmy Kimmel if he’d attended Trump’s inauguration, actor and self-professed conservative Tim Allen hesitantly replied yes, joking that he had to answer carefully in a Hollywood that was acting like 1930s Germany. The liberal mainstream media savaged him for his statement, and his TV show, Last Man Standing, with the second highest viewership for a comedy on ABC, was canceled within months." Tinseltown Travelogue, pt. 2.

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