Thursday, July 21, 2022

Baby in womb surgery photo

Republican Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama briefly showed a photograph of a preborn child at a House subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, but Chairwoman Diana DeGette, D-CO, immediately gaveled him and demanded the picture be taken down. It was a photograph of a preborn child reaching out from his mother’s womb during a surgery, and clasping the doctor’s finger. The surgery was a success, and that child is now in his twenties."

It was not a photo of abortion, it was a photo of a live baby and life saving medical help, high tech, correcting spina bifida. I thought Democrats loved that. Science. But because it proves them wrong, this photo infuriates Democrats and pro-abortion forces.

The baby was anesthetized for the surgery, so technically he didn't grab the finger. Makes no difference. This is a living child.

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