Monday, July 11, 2022

We love killing babies--from summer of rage protestors

I was shocked to see on Facebook a woman I'd just taken communion from the week before write "abort the Supreme Court" on her page. She'd also been in DC 5 years ago wearing a pink hat to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump in January 2017 (before he's had a day in office) to cheer on that riot (which caused more damage than J-6). Although I'm sure she didn't mean kill them, that's how many in her camp will read it, and some are launching racist and violent attacks on our Supreme Court against Thomas and Kavanaugh. Will there be hearings? Of course not. Democrats are in charge. A retired 3 star general has been suspended by the Army for making a sarcastic remark about Jill Biden's abortion views. Now THAT's totalitarianism. These same duplicitous gangs who march for killing are rejoicing in the fake hearings on J-6 so they can breathe some more life into their hate Trump campaigns for media ratings. It makes me wonder what anger and hate bubble up and infect her other wise pleasant demeanor and smile on Sunday morning. Her rights and mine come from God and not the state.

'We Love Killing Babies': What I Saw at Women's March Protest (

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