Monday, July 11, 2022

The 10 year old rape victim who had to go to Indiana to get an abortion

Looks like this is going to turn out to be bogus. Ohio has no 6 week law--it's a heart beat law; no rape was ever reported in any district; the abortion doctor in Indiana is required by law to report it for investigation; Ohio has no such report; the Indiana doctor is also an abortion activist who likes to be on TV; Ohio AG is investigating her story.

I think the pro-aborts will have egg all over their faces and the President on down to all the media who reported it will look foolish for doing no investigation of a child rape report and accepting one abortionist's report.

This is a terrible crime if it happened, and someone needs to be in jail. Let's hope the investigation turns up no child and no crime--and the media were again engaging in misinformation for political gain. And I hope there is punishment for the abortionist if she made up this story for her own fame.

Update July 13, 2022: "COLUMBUS, Ohio— Today, Ohio Right to Life released a statement in response to the arrest of the alleged rapist in the case of the ten-year-old victim in Ohio. According to court records, Columbus police were notified of the victim’s abuse and pregnancy on June 22nd through a referral from Franklin County Children Services. The perpetrator was officially charged with first degree rape after making a confession. Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Cynthia Ebner has set bail at two million dollars and he is being held in the Franklin County jail."
The news release was dated June 29, the police notified June 22. Ohio Right to Life notice dated July 13. No information on date of rape. Somewhere I read the Indiana abortionist was reprimanded for HIPAA violation telling the Indianapolis Star about a patient.

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