Monday, January 16, 2023

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today the nation pauses to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Always up for a photo-op, Democrats gather to hear Biden beat the dead horse of voting rights* and ignore that MLK was a Christian, a Republican and didn't lead riots in the street. King didn't march for equity, but equality. He had his battles with police, but I doubt he would support defunding them and hurting minority communities. He had his battles with the FBI and struggled with a bureaucratic, intrusive federal government, just as we do today. He would be thrilled with the huge advances Blacks made during the Trump administration. In fact, the MLK of the 1960s would probably not support the goals and mission of the Democrat party of 2023.

* Voter turn out for blacks was higher than whites in 2008 and 2012--there is no voting rights problem when there is someone they want to vote for. Biden doesn't attract them.

Speaking of photos, I tend to agree with those who are objecting to the new statue unveiled in Boston. Some say it's pornographic, including children and his relatives. "This is awful,” the British rapper and podcaster Zuby added in a tweet."

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