Wednesday, May 15, 2024

A busy May season

We've had a "busy" social spring--at least for us. On May 3 we went with our neighbors and friends Jerry and Joan, and Bill and Joyce to the "new" Old Bag of Nails." It's a restaurant we used to go to that has now moved to a new location--on the first floor of a retirement home! The food and atmosphere were about the same, even the prices didn't seem that bad, but it seems an odd location. Parking was bad. There's a lot going on in that area with the new city community center.  I wrote about it here, Collecting My Thoughts: Friday Night Date and a Derby Party on Saturday  

Then the next night we were at a Kentucky Derby party, at the Hahms.  Bob's horse won $4 so that means the evening was even, since mine West Saratoga didn't place.  He is a pretty horse with a good story which is why I chose him.  On Sunday morning we drove to Lakeside and ate a packed lunch on a picnic table near the lake.  But not too close--it was a little windy.  We spent the night at the Idlewyld B & B so we could greet the class Bob used to teach. This year he recruited Kevin Buckland because it's hard for Bob to be that long on his feet. We had a great time with Kevin and his wife Pertain and went to the Que (BBQ) for dinner on Saturday evening.  We had a room on the porch and Kevin set up a movie screen and we watched YouTube videos of other art shows.  

Then on Friday the 10th our condo association had a drive-way gathering BYOB and lawn chair. It was fun to see everyone. There's a new couple--haven't moved in yet but they came--probably 60-ish. That's usually the age. Kids grown, house is too big. Their house hasn't sold yet, so the price is probably too high because everyone is looking and can't find anything. Saturday we again went out with Jerry and Joan, and Bill and Joyce because the Sloughs are leaving today for Lake Erie and will be gone until Fall. 


On Sunday we went out to eat for Mother's Day with Phoebe and Mark to a restaurant "The Avenue" in Dublin, a suburb northwest of us. When we moved here over 50 years ago, Dublin was a sleepy little town of 19th century houses, and now it's booming. It was a lovely day and everything was delightful. Then Monday and lunch with Ron for his 90th birthday--and boom--by Tuesday we had this terrible cough caused I think from the mold and dust from cleaning the deck.

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