Thursday, May 16, 2024

Butker is kicking butt and making Leftists furious

Harrison Butker's graduation address at a small Catholic college laying out the truth of the swamp in DC and our culture has apparently shocked some on the Left. How dare he? A football player lecturing us? I rarely watch ABC--it's background for breakfast because the kitchen table TV is not with cable, just babble. It's so difficult for Democrats to be really informed--I hear it all the time, about Covid, about climate, about the Biden laptop, the Biden crimes--they are incredibly uninformed so they will vote for good old Joe. But this speech is getting around if for no reason other than to criticize him. Hope he can keep his job. NYT, Wapo, HuffPo, LAT, etc. are enraged by his bigotry. Imagine. Telling the truth about DEI, Biden, killing the unborn etc. The 1% against the 99%. Conservatives must be completely silenced!!! (Hear the heels clicking?)

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