Tuesday, May 14, 2024

John Kasich is hard of hearing?

I just glanced at a quote by Ohio's John Kasich (former governor) that Biden wasn't a good communicator. Really? I understand him when he talks. He wants abortion legal to the day of birth. It's only about 10,000 viable infants who will die each year. He wants millions to come through our borders unscathed with no consequences. Some seek asylum, some wealth, some destruction of our country. He wants Israel to fail in wiping out Hamas. What country could possibly trust this guy? He wants Ukraine to win in its civil war against Russia with no options for negotiation. He wants me to drive an electric car at great expense and inconvenience. He wants girls to share locker rooms with boys and be beaten in athletic events. He wants the USA to go deeper in debt. No, John, I'm hearing him loud and clear. But sometimes Republicans are as hard of hearing as Democrats.

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